Heat Resistant Pipe Thermal Insulation Duct Foil Backed Self Adhesive Aluminium Tape

Heat Resistant Pipe Thermal Insulation Duct Foil Backed Self Adhesive Aluminium Tape


Heat resistant pipe thermal insulation duct foil backed  Self Adhesive aluminium tape 

1. Bubble foil insulation

Install the thermal insulation material need to prepare some accessories,The heat resistant aluminium tape is essential in many applications where you need to install the insulation.Landy thermal insulation tape can resists UV degradation,resists moisture and chemical.It not only can be used as the pipe insulation tape and hvac duct foil tape,but also can use in joining, seaming,vibration damping, harness wrapping ,heat shielding and heat reflecting.


ClassificationsCrossed fiberglass tape, striped fiberglass tape, double sided fiberglass tape,pure Aluminum foil tape,metallized foil tape, woven alu foil tape,etc.

2. Bubble foil insulation Parameter 



Size: width(cm) length(m)

common size: 48mmx30m
Other sizes are all available for us

Foil thickness



0.057 (ASTM C1371-04A)



Temp Range

-50F to 180F (ASTM C411)

Water Vapor Permeability

0.02 Perms (ASTM E96)

Thermal Resistance (3.5" cavity)

R-15.2 (Heat Flow Down), R-8.5 (Horizontal Heat Flow)

3.Bubble foil insulation Feature and Application

  • Easy to cut and install

  • Durable and lightweight

  • Non-toxic / Non-carcinogenic

  • Reflects about 97% of radiant heat



Do you have any certifications? 

Yes. We have CE, SGS,ISO and ASWTA certification.

Are you a direct manufacturer and exporter from China?

 Yes, we are. We have our own factory and international sales department. We produce our own products all by ourselves.Our factory locates in Guangzhou City, China.You are warmly welcome to visit our factory anytime.

How can i know which kind of insulation material suitable for my house?

Please feel free to contact us, we will according to your building structure and condition, recommend the most suitable material for you.






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