Different Types of Insulating Vaulted Attic Ceiling Foil Loft Insulation Materials Reasonable Prices


Different types of insulating vaulted attic ceiling foil loft insulation materials reasonable prices

1.  Attic ceiling foil insulation 

1.For reducing the temperature, LANDY® insulation can supply a good performance. Installed in the space of attic or loft, this foil insulation material prevent the 97% heat reflection from outside especially in the attic ceiling. The vaulted ceiling insulation will reduce the energy consumption a lot and help maintain a energy efficient and comfortable living environment in your building



1.Inspect the the situation of the attic ceiling. Leave the hole or space for the clutter, water sprinklers, conduit and lights.

2.Cut the LANDY® insulation per to the dimension of attic space

3.Fix the LANDY® insulation on t on rafter by nail or staple.

4.Seal with the overlap or gap by the insulated tape


3.Recommendation of the Attic insulation types

image007_副本.jpg  image009_副本.jpg

Aluminum foil woven                               Radiant barrier

image011_副本.jpg image013_副本.jpg                       fiberglass insulation                             Aluminum foil bubble

4. ceiling insulation uses



 Which kind of material are suitable for insulating the attic ceiling?

Please feel free to contact us, we will according to your house structure , recommend the most suitable material and installation plan for you. We usually reply within 24 hours after we get your inquiry.

Are your loft insulation materials sound proof? 

Landy main performance is heat insulated. And it is sound proof to a certain extent. But its performance is not as good as the professional sound proof products.

What is difference between Landy attic ceiling foil insulation materials and rock wool/fiberglass wool?

LANDY product is non-toxic,environment -friendly and not cause allergies. We suggest that you can install our products matching with the rock wool/fiberglass wool .

The advantage of your shop insulation material:

Landy insulation material have good performance on heat-resistant, fireproof, waterproof, heavy duty, lightweight, Eco-friendly and so on.




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