High Heat Resistant Water Heater Tank and Boiler insulation Reflective Aluminum Foil Fits 40 Gallon/180 Litres Energy Saving


High heat resistant water heater tank and boiler insulation reflective aluminum foil fits 40 gallon/180 litres energy saving

1.Product Introduction of the water heater tank insulation

Heating the Water in your Hot Water Tank is the one of the most largest energy consumption at home. As the water cool down,your Water heater tank starts up again to maintain a desired high temperature.The great solution for water tank is LANDY® insulation for reducing the energy consumption.The water heater tank insulation is high heat resistant and also applied as boiler insulation material. It help energy saving and cost-saving.

2.Installation instruction of the water heater tank insulation

1.Cut the LANDY® heat insulation according to the size of water tank at twice the circumference of the water heater

2.Wrap the LANDY® heat insulation around the water tank and seal the overlap by aluminum tape.

Do not use product on top and bottom of water tank

Note: All Water tank refers to owners or operating manual and follow any instructions provided for insulating the unit.

3.Recommendation of the water tank/ boiler insulation material 

17.png     18.png

                Aluminum foil bubble                                  Metalized bubble 

4.Application of the water tank/ boiler insulation



Q1:Is your insulation product suitable for my water tank?

A1:Landy insulation is a great option to reduce the energy consumption of your water heater tank.Quickly and easily to install.

Q2:What should pay attention to when choose right heat resistant insulation martial for water tank?

A2:Don`t use product on top of gas water heaters, Don’t install the insulation below the bottom of the water heater tank,where allows allow combustion air.

Q3:What should pay attention to when installing water tank insulation?

A3:Cut a circular section of the product the size of the top of the water tank, trim to accommodate relief valve, pipes and wires. Tape the circular product section to the top of the water tank.




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