Fire Retardant Ceiling Insulation Materials for Home Reduce the Energy Cost Trade Assurance Aluminum Sheet


Fire retardant ceiling insulation materials for home reduce the energy cost Trade Assurance aluminum sheet

1.Home ceiling insulation materials

With 97% radiant reflectivity, the LANDY® insulation can be applied to the various location of building(like ceiling, attic and roof). The LANDY® insulation can lower the energy cost. It can be fire retardant insulation especially for home ceiling insulation.


2.Installation instruction of the home ceiling insulation materials

1.Inspect the the situation of the roof ceiling. Leave the hole or space for the clutter, water sprinklers, conduit and lights.

2.Nail the mesh or structural frame on the trusses and rafter  

3.Fix the LANDY® insulation on the mesh or structural frame by nail or staple.

4.Seal with the overlap or gap by the insulated tape



3.Recommendation of the home ceiling insulation materials

image007_副本.jpg image009_副本.jpg

Aluminum foil bubble                        Metalized bubble


Aluminum foil XPE foam                      Metalized EPE foam insulation

4. ceiling insulation  Application



Q1:May I know whether your products are fire retardant or not?

A1:Considering the security, the best choice of insulation for home better be fire retardant,

The pure aluminum foil is fire retardant,and the bubble foil and xpe foam can adding fire retardant as well ,can be extinguish within 3 seconds.

Q2: which is the best insulation material for home?

A2:Please feel free to contact us, we will according to your building structure and condition, recommend the most suitable material and installation plan for you. We usually reply within 24 hours after we get your inquiry.  

Q3: What tools are needed for home insulation installation?

A3: Staple gun, utility knife, nails/screws, hammer, aluminum tape, etc.

Q5:What`s is your payment?

A5: We accept T/T,and other kind of payment such as ‘’L/C, D/P, O/A, Western Union,PayPal ” also can be considered, please contact us for more information. 




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