Public Buildings Cathedral Ceiling Insulation Easy Installation Types 4 Ft X 130 Ft Double Reflective Polyethylene Roll


Public buildings cathedral ceiling insulation easy installation types 4 ft x 130 ft Double Reflective Polyethylene Roll

1cathedral ceiling insulation

For reducing the temperature of building, the LANDY® insulation types can performance very well. Installed in the space of cathedral ceiling, this foil insulating material prevent the 97% heat reflection from outside especially in the cathedral ceiling. This ceiling insulation can reduce the energy consumption. It is the best ceiling insulation and can be customized according to required types.


2.ceiling insulation installation

1.Inspect the the situation of the cathedral ceiling. Leave the hole or space for the clutter, water sprinklers, conduit and lights.

2.Cut the LANDY® insulation per to the dimension of cathedral ceiling 

3.Fix the LANDY® insulation on t on rafter by nail or staple.

4.Seal with the overlap or gap by the insulated tape

5.Install the Fiberglas or rock wool between the rafter and finish exterior ceiling panel as required

3.Recommendation of the ceiling insulation types





                        Aluminum foil bubble                              Metalized bubble

image007_副本.jpg  image009_副本.jpg

Aluminum foil woven                                 Radiant barrier

4.ceiling insulation Application 



Can I check quality of goods before delivery?

 Yes, either you or your company colleagues, or a third party is welcome to our factory to do the inspection before delivery.

 The advantage of your attic roof insulation:

Our insulation material have good performance on heat-resistant, fireproof, waterproof, heavy duty, lightweight, Eco-friendly and so on.

Why to choose Landy insulation?

We are a real factory designing and manufacturing insulation, with best production capability, good quality control and good services.100% QC inspection before shipment.We accept CE, AWTA & ISO Certificates.

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We accept T/T,and other kind of payment such as ‘’L/C, D/P, O/A, Western Union,PayPal ” also can be considered, please contact us for more information.  

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