Types of Crawl Space Insulation In Home Basement Vapor Barrier & Reflective Foil with Factory Price


Types of crawl space insulation in home basement vapor barrier & Reflective foil with factory price 

1. Crawl space insulation Introduction

The LANDY® insulation with thermal resistance is available for dimension when you choose it as craw space insulation in home. The types of LANDY® thermal insulation can work with customized solution. 


2. Crawl space insulation Installation

1.check the environment of crawl space and leave the hole or space for the water pipes and heating ducts.

2.Nail the LANDY® insulation attached the floor joist and then fix the insulation on the sub floor.

3.Seal the overlap or seam of insulation sheet.

3. Crawl space insulation Recommendation


 Aluminum foil bubble                                          Metalized bubble

image011(001).jpg image013(001).png

 Fiberglass insulation                                       Aluminum foil woven

4. Frequently Asked Questions

What is your standard width? Is it customized?

The standard width is 1.2m and maximum width is 1.6m. Generally, our standard length is 40m for single bubble insulation and 30m for double bubble insulation.

 The R-value of the Insulation thermal material ?

The R-value differ with material structure and thickness, normally rang from 2.4-3.5.

 The application of your insulation material:

Our insulation products are widely used on roofing, external wall, floor, HVAC pipe, transportation and any other places needing insulation.

Are you a direct manufacturer and exporter from China?

Yes, we are. We have our own factory and international sales department. We produce our own products all by ourselves.Our factory locates in Guangzhou City, China.You are warmly welcome to visit our factory anytime.

5. Crawl space insulation Application 





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