Double Bubble Reflective Foil Roof Insulation

Double Bubble Reflective Foil Roof Insulation


Double bubble reflective foil roof insulation



1. Double bubble reflective foil insulation insulation


Heat Insulation is that using radiant barrier that reduces heat transfer by either reflecting thermal radiation or decreasing thermal conduction and convection from object A to the object B. For a versatile insulation martial, Landy double bubble foil insulation with good reviews,is a 97% reflective insulation foil. Since our Double bubble reflective foil insulation is fiber free, no protective equipment are required.

 double bubble reflective insulation.jpg


2.  Double bubble foil insulation Feature

1.No itchy fibers so it will not promote nesting for and pest rodent.

2.Flexible enough to installing by yourself so that saving the insulation installation cost.

3.bubble reflective foil insulation Can be used in many areas of building,like metal building,wooden building and cement building.


3. Double bubble reflective insulation Application

Double bubble insulation under metal roof,double bubble insulation under concrete roof installation

double bubble insulation under metal roof.png

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