Insulating Heating Outdoor Rigid Metal Duct Insulation Types for Industrial/household Ductwork Flexible Wrap


Insulating heating outdoor rigid metal duct insulation types for industrial/household ductwork flexible wrap

1.Outdoor metal duct insulation Introduction

The outdoor duct insulation material can choose the aluminum foil insulation for heat resistance.This reflective duct insulation is suitable for different types of metal ducts. And it can install cleanly and quickly.


2. Outdoor metal duct insulation Installation instruction 

1.Check the situation of duct.

2.Wrap the LANDY® insulation around the duct.

3.Tape the overlap of insulation sheet.

3.Recommendation of the outdoor metal duct insulation

image005(002).png image007(001).png

Auminum foil bubble                                    Multi layer insulation

image011(001).png image013(001).png

Metalized bubble                                        Radiant barrier

4. Frequently Asked Questions

What's the advantage of Landy outdoor metal duct insulation material?

A1:Landy pipe insulation is not only a good choice for rectangular duct-work but also round duct-work, which is an alternative to other types of fibrous insulation material, so it does not require protective respirators to install.It helps lower cooling and heating cost all year round,

What`s the benefits of ductwork insulation?

A2:Typical ductwork can lose 25% to 40% of the heating or cooling energy emitted by the heat pump,central furnace, or air conditioner. Landy duct insulation can help your save up money by sealing leaks in duct to increase system efficiency and reduce energy usage.

5.outdoor metal duct insulation use




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