Underfloor Thermal Insulation in Buildings Good Options for Floors Heating System Aluminum Foil Reflection Film


Underfloor thermal insulation in buildings good options for floors heating System Aluminum Foil Reflection Film

1.About underfloor thermal insulation materials

The LANDY® thermal insulation is a great option for the underfloor insulation. As the thermal insulation in buildings, it creates the heat insulated and moisture proof environment(insulation for roofs, walls and floors). The energy performance can play more efficiently and lower the bills.


2.  underfloor insulation materials Installation

1.Flat the LANDY® insulation over the concrete base or floor joist

2.Cut the insulation sheet if it needs

3.Seal with the overlap by the insulated tape.

4.Finish the exterior floor system 

3.Underfloor thermal insulation materials Recommendation 

图片11.png          图片12.png

  Metalized bubble                                          Metalized EPE foam insulation

4.use of the underfloor thermal insulation materials


Frequently Asked Questions

What is your standard width? Is it customized?

The standard width is 1.2m and maximum width is 1.6m. Generally, our standard length is 40m for single bubble insulation and 30m for double bubble insulation.

What's the advantage of your insulation?

Our insulation material have good performance on heat-resistant, fireproof, waterproof, heavy duty, lightweight, Eco-friendly and so on.

 What's the use age?

 If use indoor, can be 5-8 years; if use outdoor, can be 1-3 years; if use inside the wall, can be permanent.




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