Fireproof Aluminum Foil Heating HVAC Pipe Insulation Wrap Material Aluminum Foil Covers


Fireproof aluminum foil heating hvac pipe insulation wrap material aluminum foil covers

1.Hvac pipe insulation material 

The HVAC pipe insulation material can choose the aluminum foil pipe insulation for heat resistance.The heating pipe covers on the surface of pipe and it also can be fireproof as pipe insulation material. Landy Reflective pipe Insulation, increases system efficiency and reduces energy usage.


2.  Hvac pipe insulation material Installation instruction

1.Inspect the situation of HAVAC pipe.

2.Wrap the LANDY® insulation around the HAVAC pipe.

3.Tape the overlap of insulation sheet.

3.Recommendation of the Hvac pipe insulation material

image005(001).png image011(001).png

Aluminum foil woven                                         Aluminum foil woven

4.Hvac pipe insulation material


5. Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What's the advantage of Landy Hvac pipe insulation material?

Landy pipe insulation is not only a good choice for rectangular hvac pipe but also round hvac pipe which is an alternative to other types of fibrous insulation material, so it is not require protective respirators to install.It helps lower cooling and heating cost all year round,

Q2:What should we pay attention to when installing hvac pipe insulation material? 

A2:Make sure all metal joints,penetrations and seams are sealed.Don’t leave any exposed duct or space where air can enter between the duct insulation warp and the duct.




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