Loft Roof Radiant Barrier Insulation


Loft roof radiant barrier insulation

One of the most important measures in loft insulation is roof insulation. It is the foundation that keeps the interior warm in winter and cool in summer, and makes an important contribution to the energy efficiency of the entire house. Heat loss on loft roofs without insulation is up to 30%.

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Material: Alu+Woven+Alu

Thicness: 6mm

Thermal Reflectivity: 97%

Water Vapor Transmission Rate: ≤1.00 g/m2/day

Tensile Strength 1.2x103kPa

Emissivity: €0.05

Certificate: ISO GB ASTM ROHS

Four reasons to insulate the loft:
▼Reduce heat loss

Properly insulating your home means you keep more heat in it.

▼ Reduce energy costs

You will keep more heat inside the house with roof insulation, which reduces energy consumption and bills.


Has a vapor control layer to prevent condensation

▼ Quick installation

Aluminum foil bubble insulation is easy to install and requires no maintenance after installation.

▼ Guide you to quickly and accurately install garage insulation

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radiant barrier foil

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flat insulation

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radiant heat insulation

Landy Insulation Professional Certification:
insulation certificate

1.Are there installation guide for loft roof insulation?

The installation of reflective foil is the simplest process. Unfold the material and roll it up from one side to stake the material to the frame. You will eventually reach the other side of the room and be covered with this insulating material.

2. Can I use it with other types of insulation?

Of course, mixing Landi bubble and foam series insulation products will have better insulation effect

3. What is the MOQ of your bubble insulation material?

200 SQM

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