Metal Radiant Barrier Roof Insulation Sheets

Thermal insulation material is an ideal insulation material for hot summer, often used for roofs and walls. Insulation materials can be insulated by blocking heat convection and conduction.


Good metal roof insulation should have excellent convection and radiation blocking. The following are energy-saving options for metal roof insulation.

Material StructureAluminum+Bubble Wrap+ Aluminum
Roll SizeW 1.2m x L 30m/40m
GSM170 g/㎡
Thermal Reflectivity97%
Thermal Conductivity0.03W/mk
Fire-proof LevelClass B1

1.How important is roof insulation?

Adding an appropriate insulation replacement under a metal roof is a great way to reduce your energy requirements and also make your home a more comfortable place to live. Thermal insulation can keep your house cool in summer and warm in winter. Landy bubble wrap roof insulation is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to insulate metal roofs.

roof insulation (46).jpg

insulation under metal roof

aluminium foil insulation.jpgradiant barrier for roof
insulation roll.jpg

insulation sheets

2.Tested by Landy Ltd under real conditions, landy bubble insulation has been scientifically proven to reflect heat transfer equally in summer and winter conditions.

thermal insulation test



4. FAQ

Q: What is the price of aluminm insulation sheet?
A: .$0.8-$1.5/Square Meter
Q: How to install roof insulation?
A: Foil insulation underlayment is recommended under a metal roof, and in most cases, the shiny side should be facing up, but there's a catch. It works by reflecting heat from the metal, but for it to do its job, there has to be a layer of air between the roofing and the foil

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