Pitched Silver Foil Roof Insulation


Pitched silver foil roof insulation

Landy foil insulation is ideal for pitched roofs, attic floors, ceilings and skylight cheeks. Foil sillver insulation can easily and quickly reach the required thermal standard in sloping roofs and save space.

Material:Alu+EPE Foam/XPE Foam+Alu
Thermal Reflectivity:97%
Tensile Strength:1.2x103kPa
Certificate:ISO GB ASTM ROHS

Landy silver foil roof insulation details:

pitched roof insulation.jpgPitched roof insulation

silver foil insulation.jpg

Silver foil insulation


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Landy silver foil roof insulation features:

- Continuous insulation hinders the thermal bridge.

- The thin product (10 mm) saves living space.

- Easy installation: You can cut the insulation roll to a certain size, and then fix it with nails.

- Durable: It does not fall off the pitched roof and is moisture-resistant.

- Reduce the risk of condensation. The product can be used at temperatures from -40 ° C to + 80 ° C.

insulation roll.jpg

Thermal reflectivity foil face

roof insulation (117).jpg

Quick-install pitched roof insulation

insulation certificate

1. How do you insulate a pitched roof?
The best way to insulate a pitched roof is by installing insulation between and above the rafters.
2. What thickness should roof insulation be?
5-15mm or customized
3. How to fix insulation between rafters?
Measure the space, Cut the insulation roll to size using a sharp knife. insulation so that it is flush with the bottom of the rafters
4. How can i get a fast quote?
Confirm your needs according to the following items and then contact us

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