Silver glow lining insulation fabric saving cost


1.About silver lining insulation rolls

Landy silver glow insulation can help saving energy cost. The inner layer of silver insulation rolls is a metalized polymer or pure aluminium layer.The outer layer is reinforced aluminum foil and flame retardant adhesives stick together. silver lining insulation fabric is a excellent insulator as it contains trapped air bubbles that form a radiant barrier to blocks sun heat transfer.

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 2.Insulation with silver backing Feature

1.This silver backed insulation rolls is make of silver insulation paper combine with silver padded bubble foil wrap layerWe can do customized structure material for you.

2.Silver sided thermal insulation fabric can both waterproof and fireproof.

3.Silver sided thermal insulation helps saving energy costs and house interior spaces more comfortable.

3. silver backed insulation rolls Application

silver glow insulation wrap on roof

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