Heat Insulation for Roof Ceiling and Wall Thermal Insulated Double Reflective Polyethylene Foil 1.2m*40m Roll


Heat insulation for roof ceiling and wall Thermal insulated double Reflective Polyethylene foil 1.2m*40m roll

1.Thermal Wall insulation Introduction

The thermal wall insulation can make the thermal resistant more functional than the traditional wall . The Aluminum foil with bubble or foam can be a good choice as thermal heat insulation for. and also good one as heat insulation for roof ceiling and walls.


2. Thermal Wall insulation Installation instruction

1.Fix the LANDY® heat insulation vertically on the wall frame by the nail or screw, and tape the overlap of insulation sheet.

2.Install the mesh or structural break on the LANDY® heat insulation and attach the outer wall 

3.Finish the wall interior panel.

Note: Installation instructions and illustrated drawings are recommendations only, while proper local construction methods are the responsibility of the installer.

3. thermal insulation for walls Recommendation

image006.jpg image009_副本.jpg 

    Aluminum foil bubble                         Metalized bubble 

image011_副本.jpg image013_副本.jpg

Aluminum foil XPE foam insulation                       Metalized EPE foam insulation

4. Frequently Asked Questions

Q1:What`s the benefits of your thermal Wall insulation material?

A1:Landy insulation is not only thermal insulation for wall but also can applications in many aspects for your house.Benefits:Our product provide a Vapor retarder and moisture barrier, also resists growth of mold and fungi. non-carcinogenic and Non-toxic.

Q2:Are your product sound proof? 

A2:Our main performance is heat insulated. And it is sound proof to a certain extent. But its performance is not as good as the professional sound proof products.

Q3:What is difference between your production and rock wool/fiberglass wool?

A3:LANDY product is non-toxic,environment -friendly and does not cause allergies. We suggest that you can install our products matching with the rock wool/fiberglass wool .

Q4: What tools are needed for installation?

A4: Staple gun, utility knife, nails/screws, hammer, aluminum tape, etc.

5.Wall thermal insulation uses





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