Heat Resistant EPE Foam Thin Insulation Thermal Material Light Weight Easy Install Custom Reflective Sheet

Heat resistant EPE foam thin insulation thermal m aterial light weight easy install custom reflective sheet 1. P roduct Introduction of the Heat resistant foam insulation EPE foam is the most affordable type of heat insulation foam material, which is light and thin insulation material so it is...


Heat resistant EPE foam thin insulation thermal material light weight easy install custom reflective sheet

1.Heat resistant foam insulation 
 EPE foam is the most affordable type of heat insulation foam material, which is light and thin insulation material so it is easy to handle during construction, we offer you different thickness to catering different needs.In addition,The shiny surface metalized insulation have a high specular component,can blocks most of the radiation heat,so it is a excellent thermal material and heat resistant foam insulation material.

2.   Heat resistant foam insulation Parameter


3. Heat resistant foam insulation Feature and Application

  • 97% Reflective. 

  • Meets CE, SGS and ATWA tests.

  • Clean, Lightweight, Easy To Install.

  • Does not promote the growth of fungi or bacteria.




4.  Heat resistant foam insulation Detail 


4. Frequently Asked Questions

The difference between metalized insulation and aluminum foil insulation?

Metalized insulation has shinny surface but pure aluminum foil insulation has dim surface .

Metalized insulation can not be fire retardant but aluminum foil insulation can be.

Pure Aluminum have Longer service life than Metalized insulation.

Metalized insulation have more favorable price than pure aluminum.

What kind of service can we offer?

24 hours prompt reply by telephone or messenger,we will recommended installation plan as fast as we can . Can combine containers with multiple insulation products for your different demand.

5.  Heat resistant foam insulation Qualification


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