Reflective Foil Pure Aluminum Fireproof EPE Foam Heat Shield Insulation Save Energy and Money Customize Roll


Reflective foil pure aluminum Fireproof EPE foam heat shield insulation save energy and money customize roll

1. EPE foam heat shield insulation Introduction

Aluminum heat shield insulation foil consists of pure aluminum film bonded to single/double layers of bubbles.This EPE foam insulation shield have reasonable price and good effects.the pure aluminum surface is fireproof insulation material. In addition, EPE foam is the most affordable type of heat insulation foam material, which is light in weight so it is easy to handle during construction, so it can be wildly use as residence house insulation.



3.  EPE foam Insulation shield 


4. Frequently Asked Questions

What's the structure of your pure aluminum film?

A1: We use the pure aluminum film with PET/AL/PE layers, the PET can protect Al from oxidation and corrosion.

Why to choose Landy insulation?

We are a real factory designing and manufacturing insulation, with best production capability, good quality control and good services.100% QC inspection before shipment.We accept CE, AWTA & ISO Certificates.

5.EPE foam Insulation shield Application


5. EPE foam heat shield insulation Qualification


7.Related Recommendation of EPE foam heat shield insulation


Double Reflective                                             Aluminum foil

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Xpe foam insulation                                EPE foam insulation




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