Aluminium Reflective Fire Retardant Heat Resistant Insulation XPE Foam Material Flexible Installation Custom Roll Size


Aluminium reflective fire retardant Heat resistant insulation xpe foam material flexible installation custom roll size

1.Product Introduction of the Heat insulation foam material

XPE is the most cost-efficient type of heat insulation foam material. we offer different   thickness to catering different needs. In addition, The Pure aluminium has the effect of fire retardant,so it is not only heat resistant but also fire retardant insulation foam.


2.Product Parameter of the Heat insulation foam material


Material structure

  • Al + XPE

  • Al + XPE + Al

  • Al + XPE + Peel&Stick

  • Al+ Woven + XPE + Al

  • Coating + Reinforced Al + XPE + Reinforced Al+ Coating

  • XPE foam can be fire retardant.

  • Aluminum foil can be color coating and anti-glare coating.

  • Aluminum foil can be reinforced fiberglass and woven fabric.               

3.Product Feature and Application of the Heat insulation foam material

Cost-effective and high efficiency.

  • Easy to install,lightweight and clean.

  • Non toxic and environmental benefits.

  • Waterproof,moistureproof,sun-proof,shockproof anti-corrosion.图片57.png图片58.png

4.Product Detail of the Heat insulation foam material


5.Product Qualification of the Heat insulation foam material


Q1:What is difference between aluminum insulation foam and metalized insulation foam ?

A1:Pure aluminum foil insulation has dim surface, Metalized insulation has shinny surface.

Pure aluminum foil insulation can be fire retardant but Metalized insulation can not but be.

Pure Aluminum have Longer service life than metalized insulation.

Q2:Which kind of heat resistant insulation foam suitable for my building?

A2:Please feel free to contact us, we will according to your building structure and condition, recommend the most suitable material for you.

Q4: What's the structure of your pure aluminum film?

A4: We use the pure aluminum film with PET/AL/PE layers, the PET can protect Al from oxidation and corrosion.

7.Related Recommendation of Heat insulation foam material


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