XPE Foam Heat Insulation Custom Size Factory direct sale Polyethylene Thermal Material

XPE foam heat Insulation custom siz e factory direct sale polyethylene thermal material 1. P roduct Introduction of the XPE foam heat Insulation XPE foam is the most cost-efficient type of heat insulation foam material. The shiny surface metalized insulation have a high specular component,can...


XPE foam heat Insulation custom size factory directsale polyethylene thermal material

1.  XPE foam heat Insulation  Introduction
 XPE foam is the most cost-efficient type of heat insulation foam material. The shiny surface metalized insulation have a high specular component,can reflect 97% of the solar heat. We offer you different thickness to catering different needs

2. XPE foam heat Insulation


3.  XPE foam heat Insulation Feature and Application

  • Flexible and easily to cut into a suitable size,increased coverage and reduced wastage.

  • Fiber-free and non-allergenic,safe to handle with no special clothing or breathing Equipment.



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4. Frequently Asked Questions

What is difference between metalized insulation and aluminum foil insulation?

Metalized insulation has shinny surface but pure aluminum foil insulation has dim surface .

Metalized insulation can not be fire retardant but aluminum foil insulation can be.

Pure Aluminum have Longer service life than Metalized insulation.

Metalized insulation have more favorable price than pure aluminum.

What's the difference between XPE & EPE?

 Both XPE and EPE are polyethylene foam, but their foaming process are different. XPE with normal density of 33kg/m3, and EPE is 18kg/m3; XPE can be fireproof, while EPE is not; Also XPE has longer service life than EPE, but EPE is much cheaper.

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