500sq Double Bubble Insulation Vapor Barrier


500sq double bubble insulation vapor barrier

The bubble insulation vapor barrier consists of two layers of aluminum foil and two layers of polyethylene bubble buffer. Bubbles form trapped air spaces to provide excellent "R" values. Solid film and foil surfaces stop convective heat loss and penetration, while aluminum surfaces stop radiant heat through reflection. double bubble insulation helps prevent heat loss and save energy and money.

Thickness 3MM-20MM
Thermal conductivity1.455 W / mK
CertificateISO9001, ROHS, CE, SGS, TUV 

Double bubble wrap insulation advantages:

1. The best thermal insulation effect.

2. Water vapor resistance.

3. Safe to use. It is completely user-friendly and does not emit fibers or dust during use.

4. Easy to install and cut.

5. Durability will remain unchanged during the life of the building and will not sag.

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best double bubble insulation

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single bubble vs double bubble insulation

Bubble wrap insulation production:


1. What is the thickness of double bubble wrap?

The thickness of 3-10mm can be customized.

2. What is the weight of double foil insulation?


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