Landy Double Foil Bubble Insulation High Reflective Material

Landy Double Foil Bubble Insulation High Reflective Material


Landy Double Foil Bubble Insulation High Reflective Material

How to save your bill through foil bubble insulation?

If your energy budget has gotten out of hand, you may be considering ways to decrease your energy usage. One place to start looking for savings is in your attic. Radiant heat passes through the walls, roof, floor, windows and even the stairs in the attic – causing heat transfer seriously. Since you are finding ways to save, you may want to know how to save your money, here are some simple but practical tips for you to keep your home or business at a comfortable temperature year around.You properly need to utilize highly efficient and environmentally friendly bubble insulation or barrier materials for your building.

I.Two Main Products of Bubble Insulation

Double bubble insulation:

Landy’s aluminum foil double bubble insulation is a premium reflective. Bubble insulation consisting of two layers of polyethylene air bubble pack sandwiched between two layers of reflective foil.

Single bubble insulation:

Landy’s aluminum foil single bubble insulation - Single Bubble insulation is an economic alternative compared to our double bubble product. It is also 95-97% reflective which means it does the exact same job at preventing radiant heat gains in your building. With only a single layer of polyehtylene bubbles, we recommend single bubble insulation for less extreme climates.

II.The Specifications of Single/Double Bubble Insulation Material

Product specification

 Roll material size

 1.2 * 30m 1.2 * 40m

 Material structure

 pure aluminum /metallic + bubble+ aluminum /  metallic

 Bubble specifications

φ: 10mm / 20mm H: 3mm / 5mm / 6mm

Square grams Weight

200g / m² 230g / m² 300g / m² 340g / m²  460g / m²


95% -97% (pure aluminum 95% ,Metallic  97%)

 Operating temperature

 -40 ~ 100

Water permeability

 ≤1.00 g / m² / day

Tearing resistance

 ≥  (300/500) N / 50mm

III.The Adava

ntage of Foil Bubble Insulation

 Easy and fast installation - minimal capital equipment required
 Saves Energy and Money,Lower industrial building operating costs
 Superior thermal performance,significantly reduces radiant heat transfer
 Lightweight,Aesthetically pleasing
 Clean, safe ,Non-toxic/Non-carcinogenic
 Installation requires no special tools or clothing
 Puncture and tear resistant
 Highly Reflective
 Compact & Tough
 Water Resistant
 Could be add Fire Retardant

Compare with other products:
Landy's bubble insulation material products are unlike any conventional insulation material. Fiberglass passively blocks heat transfer due to the poor thermal conductivity characteristics of its glass fibers. Radiant barrier foil, on the other hand, actively prevents heat transfer using its thermal radiation insulation properties.

IV.Application on different kinds of bubble insulation

You can see it here and there(Attic、Ceiling、Crawl Space、Garage Door、Knee Wall、Radiant Floor – Wood Joists、Storage Building、Unique Applications、Wall – Exterior 、Wall – Exterior 、Wall – Masonry、Wine Room、Work Shop、Roof Systems、Wall Systems)


1. How foil bubbe roof insulation works for temperature barrier?

Foil bubbe roof insulation materials mostly block the inflow of the radiant heat from the roof surface and stop it preventing inside the house. Most of the material made from the aluminum prevents 97% of radiant heat effectively and reflect back to the outer atmosphere instead of permitting it to get the attic heated. It results into increased indoor comfort and less energy consumption in warmer climate.

2. Can Landy’s foil bubbe insulation be used with other insulation products?

Landy’s foil bubbe insulation products are compatible with all other insulations for improving your existing insulation, or as part of new build insulation composite.


3 .Do I have to take out my old insulation to put bubble foil insulation in?

No. bubble foil insulation actually makes your present insulation more effective.

4. Which item should I need when i insulate my house?

Items Needed For Installation

A.Landy’s Bubble Insulation

B.Scissors or a Sharp utility knife to cut the product

C.Construction Staples - 3/8" wide is a very popular size

D.A staple gun - mechanical, pneumatic or electric

E.Recommended - Someone to help hold the product while installing

F.Construction staples - 3/8" wide is a very popular size

G.Landy Reflective Insulation Tape to seal seams

VI.Recommendation of Other insulation material

 EPE Foam Insulation    XPE Foam Insulation        Radiant Barrier


VIII.Exhibition and Company Cultural

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