Double Reflective Thermal Warp Material Bubble Insulation Foil Roll 50m 40m Custom Size


Double Reflective Thermal warp material bubble insulation foil roll 50m 40m custom size

1.Thermal warp insulation foil 

The double Reflective thermal Insulation foil consists of two 96%+ reflective layers of film bonded to single/double layers of PE bubbles.The reflective layers can be choose pure aluminum or Metalized.Landy insulation helps your building reduce the heat loss in the winter and to minimize cooling loads in the summer.The thermal insulation foil roll length can reach 50m,you can also customized the roll size.


2.Thermal warp insulation foil Parameter 




Normal size: 1.2m width x 30m / 40m Length
Thickness: 3-8mm
Bubble diameter: ø10mm
Length and width can be customized.,Max width is 1.6m


0.1-0.2 m²▪K/W


200~410 g/m²

Thermal Conductivity(ASTM C518)

0.0297 W/m²▪K

Reflectivity (AS/NZS 421.5)


Flammability Index


Emissivity (AS/NZS 4201.5)


Edge Tearing Resistance(AS/NZS 4201.2)


Material structure

  • AL+Bubble+AL

  • MPET+Bubble+MPET

  • AL+Double Bubble+AL

  • MPET+Double Bubble+MPET

  • AL+ Bubble+xpe/epe+Bubble+AL

  • MPET+ Bubble+xpe/epe+Bubble+MPET

  • MPET=Aluminum laminated films.

    Bubble can be fire retardant.

  • Aluminum foil can be color coating and anti-glare coating.

  • Aluminum foil can be reinforced fiberglass and woven fabric.                 

3.Thermal warp insulation foil Feature and Application  


  • very safe,can installs with no special tools or breathing equipment.

  • Very flexible,installs and cuts easier than fiberglass insulation.

  • very efficient,can reflects 97% of Radiant Heat.

  • very Cost-effective, all China factory direct sales.


Can be used in Roof insulation.Attic insulation,Exterior Wall insulation,Duct insulation,Crawl Space insulation,Water Heater insulation,Storage Building insulation,Cathedral Ceiling insulation,Work Shop insulation and steel building and metal building insulation.etc.图片51.png

4. Frequently Asked Questions

Which kind of thermal insulation foil suitable for my house?

Please feel free to contact us, we will according to your building structure and condition, recommend the most suitable material for you.

How can I  pay?

We accept T/T,and other kind of payment such as D/P, L/C, Western Union,PayPal ” also can be considered, please contact us for more information. Our payment term is 30% T/T  deposit in advance and the balance 70% balance before delivery.

Why to choose Landy thermal insulation?

LANDY is a real factory designing and manufacturing insulation material, with good production capability and quality control.100% QC inspection before shipment. CE,SGS, AWTA & ISO Certificates.

5. Thermal warp insulation foil Detail


6. Thermal warp insulation foil Qualification 


7. Thermal warp insulation foil Related Recommendation

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