aluminum foil backed bubble wrap insulation

aluminum foil backed bubble wrap insulation

Aug 31, 2020

aluminum foil backed bubble wrap insulation
LANDY Foil Insulation is composed of two heat shed outer layers of aluminum foil, which can reflect more than 97% of radiant heat. Each layer of the foil is bonded to a layer of tough polyethylene to increase strength. The inner layer of the insulating bubble prevents conductive heat flow, and the middle layer of polyethylene gives the Bubble Wrap Insulation high reliability and strength.Bubble wrap aluminum foil is an environmentally friendly thermal insulation material. Compared with traditional thermal insulation materials, its reflectivity is as high as 97%. It can reduce the discomfort caused by glass fiber or expanded foam and harm to the environment.

bubble wrap aluminum foil.jpg

bubble wrap aluminum foil

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foil faced bubble wrap

Aluminum foil bubble wrap insulation product applications include:

Basement insulation, commercial building insulation, crawl space insulation, hot water heater jackets, metal building insulation, metal tube wrapping, packaging applications,

aluminum foil backed bubble