Aluminum Foil Heated Pallet Cover

Aluminum Foil Heated Pallet Cover

May 22, 2020

Aluminum Foil Heated Pallet Cover
In winter, the working principle of aluminum pallet cover is to capture heat, so that the product temperature remains stable and stays above the freezing point for a long time. These heated pallet covers are also very suitable for mixed transportation and have fewer vehicles than trucks. When only a few trays require temperature protection, these covers are the ideal solution.

Foil pallet cover benefits:

* Maintain cold chain.

* Anti-freeze / heat-proof.

* Prevent radiation, convection and conduction.

* Durable.

* Lifespan: + 10 years.

Aluminum Foil Heated Pallet Cover.jpg

Aluminum foil pallet cover

Heated Pallet Cover.jpg

Heated pallet cover