Aluminum foil roof heat insulation materials

Aluminum foil roof heat insulation materials

Oct 31, 2020

At present, there are many thermal insulation materials used for roofs. Common thermal insulation materials include thermal insulation bricks, thermal insulation films, thermal insulation nets, and thermal insulation coatings. Introduce you a new type of affordable, non-toxic, harmless, light composite thermal insulation material developed by LANDY-EPE Foam aluminum film insulation material.
Main advantages: light weight, low thermal conductivity, excellent thermal insulation performance; both cold and thermal insulation materials, suitable for a wide temperature range from ultra-low temperature to high temperature; fully equipped with the excellent chemical stability of inorganic glass, impermeable to moisture, and does not absorb water. Non-burning; anti-biting, moth-proof, fire-proof, shock-proof; non-toxic, non-radioactive, insulating, safe and environmentally friendly; anti-corrosion, resistant to all chemical erosion except hydrogen fluoride and long service life, overall it is an economical roof insulation material.
Contact us to customize roof insulation solutions for free. Tel: +86-13570707533epe foam foil insulation (2)This system has a very low heat conduction system, which can effectively block the heat conduction between indoor and outdoor, resulting in a heat insulation effect, which is convenient for construction and harmless to the human body. Refer to the actual use case in the figure below.
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