Are you insulated box liner manufacturers

Are you insulated box liner manufacturers

Aug 10, 2020

Are you insulated box liner manufacturers?
Yes, we have specialized in producing a series of thermal insulation packaging products for 20 years.Landy cooler bag material and box liner can custom-size,we can made the perfect size liner to fit your boxes.

If your shipping goods that require temperature control, Landy produces a range of passive temperature protection products, including our heat insulated box liner.If you are considering using cardboard box liners for your products, then our cost-effective and versatile box liners provide thermal protection for goods of all sizes.
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Insulated box liners for shipping food Application 

  • Liners store flat and are easy to use.

  • Save on air freight and storage costs!

  • Aesthetically pleasing and hygienic materials.

  • Get the exact size you need whenever you need it, be it a pallet cover or small pouch.

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