Bubble cooler Thermal box liner,Aluminum foil thermal insulated box liner material

- Nov 21, 2018-

Bubble cooler Thermal box liner,Aluminum foil thermal insulated box liner material

1About thermal box liner

Advantahes of thermal insulated box liner
  • Space-saving Cool Shield gusseted liners ship and store flat.

  • Protects overnight shipments of chocolate or pharmaceuticals.

  • Preserves freshness, quality, taste and color.

  • Cooler liner material are Leak resistant.

  • Insulated box liner:Box not included.

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Bubble foil box linerbubble box liner (54).jpgS-18278.jpgbubble box liner (38).jpgbubble box liner (71).jpgbubble box liner (1).jpg

  • Insulated foil bubble box liners designed to protect temperature-sensitive products. 

  • Thermal-Shield is flexible, leak resistant, and will not crumble, crack or break

  • Its lightweight reflective surface provides resistance against three types of heat flow: conduction, convection, and radiation

  • Insulated shipping box liners Can also be used as a moisture and vapor barrier





Aluminum foil /metallized+bubble+Aluminum




Zipper /Magic tape/ Seal heal  / open


L*W*H can be customized 

 Metallic aluminum/Pure aluminum thickness

12micron/7 micron


5.Product Qualification of the Thermal insulated pallet blankets

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