bubble wrap insulation on windows

bubble wrap insulation on windows

Sep 04, 2020

bubble wrap insulation on windows

Bubble wrap is usually used to insulate greenhouse windows in winter, but it seems that it can also be used for house windows. You can use it with or without conventional or insulated curtains. It is also suitable for irregularly shaped windows. LANDY bubble wrap can increase the heat insulation effect, just as this increased heat insulation effect helps to reduce the heat loss from a warm room to a cold outdoor in winter, it also helps to reduce the heat loss from a warm room to a cool outdoor in summer. Heat absorption, and very good, can help the room to run cool

How to use bubble wrap insualtion on windows?
Cut the bubble wrap film according to the size of the window, and install it according to the simple instructions provided by the bubble wrap insulation. Spray water on the window glass, apply bubble wrap, and then press the bubble face toward the window. Throughout the winter, water will fix the bubble wrap to the window, you don't need tape or glue.
window bubble wrap

LANDY Bubble Wrap Insulation Solutions:

LANDY Bubble Wrap is available in pink, blue and transparent colors, as well as a popular heart-shaped style, and the bubble size can be customized.

LANDY's most popular bubble wrap style in 2020: Heart-shaped pink bubble wrap

Heart Bubble Wrap.jpg

Heart Bubble Wrap

Easy tear bubble wrap.jpg

Easy tear bubble wrap

Transparent bubble wrap.jpg

Transparent bubble wrap