Can i customize 3d cold box liner

Can i customize 3d cold box liner

Jun 24, 2020

Can i customize 3d cold box liner

Yes, you can customize the size, material and thickness of the cold box liner
3d cold box liner
Our 3d box liner is very effective in protecting and maintaining the product temperature for 24-48 hours. One of our specialties is the manufacture of custom-sized cold box liners. The thermal box liner is perfect for keeping items warm or cool. We will adjust the 3d box liner according to the size of your box. We also provide external cardboard / corrugated boxes.

Cold box liner features:

1. External reflective insulation – insulated from outside temperature.

2. Internal Foam Insulation-Foam has millions of very good insulating air pockets.

3. Excellent protection-Ideal for perishable and temperature sensitive items during transport.

4. Lightweight-reduces transportation costs.

5. Lightweight and flexible – they take up very little storage space in your warehouse.

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