can pallet wrap be recycled

can pallet wrap be recycled

May 18, 2020

recyclable food grade pallet wrap film

recyclable pallet wrap is a durable and weatherproof solution to protect pallet goods. The food grade pallet wrap is ideal for protecting food products.

MaterialHeavy Duty Mesh Material, Velcro
SizeStandard pallet size or customized
ColorGreen, Blue, Black, Grey
ISO9001, NFPA-701
ApplicationReplace traditional pallet film

Advantages of Landy recycled pallet wrap film:

* Safe and food grade certified pallet wrap.

* 100% recyclable.

* Can be reused for more than 3 years.

* Lightweight; weather-resistant self-extinguishing material.

Reusable pallet strap material
pallet strapping

The applications of duty reusable palet wrap:

Protects shipments of chemical/pharmaceutical/seafood/vegetable/meat or products need wrap film.

use pallet wrap


1. How to wrap and strap a pallet?

Landy reusable pallet strap is a perfect box to replace the traditional film, reducing transportation costs.

2. What is

reusable pallet strap made from?

Rugged and breathable mesh material + Velcro.