Can we use thin Reflective foil insulation for attics?

- Oct 30, 2018-

Can we use thin Reflective foil insulation for attics?


About Attic reflective foil insulation attic

Our house attic get so hot when the summer come,even  can reach as high as 140° F. The hot air from radiant heat in the attic will get into your living space if you don’t take many insulation measure., making your air conditioner work harder, which in turn, increases utility expenses. What’s more,50-75% of heat can be lost through the attic space when in cold weather,which add the energy bill cause the heater work overtime to keep your living place warm.


Landy foil insulation in attic combats these inefficiencies by reflecting 97% of radiant heat, either away from living area in the summer , or back into your home in the winter.


Landy attic foil insulation is the most appropriate material for attic insulation applications, and is suitable for many climate. This reflective attic barrier prevents excess heat gain in the warm summer months, and prevents heat loss in the cold weather. The radiant barrier delivering 96% reflectivity of radiant heat, making it the ideal product for attic spaces.




Advantage of reflective foil attic insulation


1.aluminium foil attic insulation Reflects can up to 97% of radiant heat

2.Suitable for both warm and cold climates

3.lightweight and easy to install.


Application of foil attic insulation