Can your insulated bag custom logo

Can your insulated bag custom logo

Nov 12, 2020

Insulation bag, also called ice bag, is a kind of packaging bag with high heat insulation and constant temperature effect. Because of its functions of keeping cold, keeping warm and keeping fresh, it is widely used in keeping frozen food, keeping warm of take-out lunch, keeping fresh seafood, etc. At the same time, the insulation bag is beautiful in appearance, light and portable, and convenient to store. It is a must-have for modern home, travel and leisure.

The inner layer of the product is made of pearl cotton covered with aluminum foil reflective heat insulation layer, which has a good thermal insulation effect.

The holding time can last for 3-8 hours, depending on the actual environment, storage capacity, additional insulation measures, etc.

custom insulated bag

The outer layer of the cold storage bag material is easy to clean and the metalic foil material can be combined with film-coated color printing, which has a long ice retention time. Enrich printed content and improve corporate and personal image. Easily customize different sizes and shapes, various color styles, if you need special heat preservation and cold preservation functions, the lining is different according to your needs.

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