Ceiling Insulation Flexible, light material, strong impact resistance

- Aug 01, 2017-

The Ceiling Insulation is the top of a building interior. Ceiling Insulations can be painted, painted landscaping indoor environment and the installation of chandeliers, light pipe, air conditioning and other changes in the effectiveness of indoor lighting and air circulation. General owners are concerned about the Ceiling Insulation to show the last look, but the Ceiling Insulation with the material is also very important. Here the small Fu to introduce several kinds of Ceiling Insulation materials.

 Living room Ceiling Insulation - gypsum board

     The gypsum board in the Ceiling Insulation material is made of plaster as the main raw material by adding additives and fiber. The advantages of the gypsum board obviously have the advantages of light texture, sound insulation, heat insulation, flame retardant, easy to adjust the size and shape. But the gypsum board also has its lack of place, gypsum board than other materials more crack and deformation. Gypsum board in our home Ceiling Insulation decoration in the use of more.

     Living room Ceiling Insulation - splint

     Ceiling Insulations in the material are also called plywood, plywood used in the decoration of the Ceiling Insulation is very extensive. Plywood has the advantages of high strength, good flexibility, good flexibility, light material, impact resistance, easy processing, insulation and other advantages. Plywood in the decoration process can easily create a curved, square, round and other various styles, you can easily meet the various shapes of the Ceiling Insulation. But the plywood's drawback is that it is easy to be destroyed by termites.

Living room Ceiling Insulation - Stained glass

     Ceiling Insulation material in the stained glass, this kind of glass material material it is colorful, pattern changeable. At the same time the interior can also be installed lighting, with good light transmission. But the glass of this material is generally used in a small part of the Ceiling Insulation and some of the local decorative shape, painted glass decoration will generally be with the light steel keel gypsum board or plywood to decorate. This will make the shape of the Ceiling Insulation more beautiful, more decorative.

     Living room Ceiling Insulation - Bonnie glass

     Ceiling Insulation materials in the Bonnie glass fiber material, it has the advantages of: sound absorption, moisture, fire, anti-subsidence, antibacterial, heat group, environmental protection and other advantages. Bonnie glass fiber price is affordable, the surface lines without direction, simple and generous. Due to these characteristics of Bonnie glass fiber material, in the current Ceiling Insulation decoration has been more and more on the use. Bonnie glass fiber material market potential is very great.

Living room Ceiling Insulation -pvc

     Cease material in the pvc material, it is in our Ceiling Insulation decoration also used, but the use of a small range. Pvc material advantage is cheap, easy construction. Its shortcomings is that its modeling function is weak, the service life is short. It is rarely used in the decoration of our daily household Ceiling Insulations. There are many Ceiling Insulation materials, hope that the above mentioned to everyone.

Now more and more elements of home improvement, but also more and more beautiful, but the owners in the decoration of the time must not only care about the aesthetic and forget the importance of safety and quality. In the purchase of materials, we must know more about knowledge and then make a decision.