Do attic door insulation work

Do attic door insulation work

Jan 06, 2020

Do attic door insulation work

attic door cover.jpgCustomer Experience Using Attic Door Insulation:

When the maintenance staff recently came to my house for air conditioning repairs, he pointed out that the lack of attic door insulation of my attic stairs would cause huge cooling and heat loss in my home, increase energy costs, and cause dust and pollutants to enter my home. Uninsulated attic cover may be the main reason.

My maintenance staff suggested that I install a attic door insulation.I got attic cover for a small price on the Landy and installed it easily according to the instructions.

Before installing the attic door insulation, I used an infrared gun to measure the temperature near the opening of the attic stairs, and the highest temperature I could read reached 108 ° F. Within 1 hour after the attic cover was installed and closed, the temperature near the opening of the attic stairs hovered at 85 ° F. Now, the temperature in the same area stabilizes at 75° F.

I don't know if this will save me electricity bills, but it is clear that by using this attic cover my room has reduced heat loss in winter and heat absorption during boiling hot weather. My room ubder the attic is cooler than before. I am satisfied with the price and quality! I would recommend it to friends and relatives.

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