do thermal bags keep food cold

do thermal bags keep food cold

Apr 06, 2020

Quality insulated thermal bag for cold food

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Landy Insulated Packing Company is a 100% Chinese thermal bag manufacturing plant. The company was founded in 2000 and we are located in Guangzhou. In 20 years, we have produced tens of thousands of quality insulated bags for large and small cold food companies. As long as necessary, we will be happy to help you so that you can easily understand our different insulated thermal bag products.

Temperature resistance:-70oC/100oC
Material:Alu/PE+Bubble wrap/EPE Foam+Alu/PE
Puncture Strength:23N

We believe that your insulated thermal bag will contribute to the development of your cold food business. Because when you transport ice-cream, cheese, chocolate, seafood and other temperature-sensitive products, put cold food in our thermal bag and your customers will receive fresh and delicious food.

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Custom thermal bag

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thermal bag for cold food

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1. Do thermal bags keep food cold?

insulated thermal bag is good to shipping cold food. 

2. How long do thermal bags keep food cold

Insulated bag can keep the temperature for 24-72 hours