Do you need to put ice in an insulated thermal food bags

Do you need to put ice in an insulated thermal food bags

Oct 09, 2020

Do you need to put ice in an insulated thermal food delivery bags?

Insulated thermal bags are used to maintain a certain temperature. The frozen food delivery needs to be stay at a low temperature. Thermal bags will remain frozen for longer! Therefore, you will need to use at least two cold sources in the insulated food bag to make the perishable food in the insulated food bag safe. In the long run, the more ice you can use in the ice pack, the better.

It should be noted that perishable products are directly packaged from the refrigerator into airtight bags or airtight containers, such as LANDY Foil Insulated Packaging Bag, to dry the food and avoid cross-contamination. Place ice packs/ice cubes on top and bottom of perishable food to keep it cold. We recommend using multiple ice packs.

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LANDY's #LD8025 insulated bag with pocket, you can not only transport food and beverages during the journey, but also keep the food fresh and cool. The inner layer of insulated bag with pocket is composed of a solid polyethylene bubble film. The thick bubble layer in the middle helps to form a thicker insulation layer to prevent heat loss. The outer layer is composed of 97% highly reflective aluminum film.

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 LANDY #LD8025 Ice Thermal Bag Highlights

1. All cold storage bags come with handles, so you can transport them in a more comfortable way.

2. The built-in pockets on the top and side of this bag are used for storing ice packs, which can prevent the ice packs from melting during transportation

3. Waterproof and anti-corrosion, silver aluminum foil material looks stylish and easy to clean

4. The shape, size and printing of the bag can be customized.

If you have any questions about this project or any other, our customer service manager are always happy to help you. Whether you want to buy LANDY Insulated Packaging Bag or Foil Insulation Material, LANDY has countless products.

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