Does bubble foil insulation really work

Does bubble foil insulation really work

Mar 11, 2020

Thermal insulation roll material

Thermal insulation roll material

Thermal insulation material is an ideal insulation material for hot summer, often used for roofs and walls. Insulation materials can be insulated by blocking heat convection and conduction. It made of reflective aluminum foil surface + bubble film lining material, thinner than traditional insulation materials, suitable for walls, floors or ceilings. The insulation coil can be used alone or with other insulation materials.

Material:Aluminum foil and bubble film
Size:Custom roll size or sheet size
Bubble Diameter:3cm/5cm/7cm/10cm
Fire Rating:
Class B1
Thermal Conductivity:0.03w/mk
Thermal Reflectivity97%
Roof, floor, wall, window, attic
PE plastic bag / pallet loading
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Single Bubble Insulation

double bubble insulation.jpg

Double Bubble Insulationtitle

Features of Landy Bubble Insulation:

1. Effective thermal insulation control film, reducing heat loss by up to 50%
thermal insulation test

2. After professional thermal and fire tests

insulation certificate

3. Flexible and easy to install

bubble insulation for roof (7)

4.Customizable insulation material, thickness, R value and packaging style

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Big Insulation Roll

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Small Insulation Roll

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Insulation Sheet

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