Does insulated envelopes good for mailing&shipping

Does insulated envelopes good for mailing&shipping

Jun 24, 2020

Does insulated envelopes good for mailing&shipping?

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The insulated mailer bag uses a 3/4 inch thick high-density foam lining and a self-adhesive top to maintain the highest level of thermal protection and transportation time for your payload.

The insulated shipping bags are ideal for transporting products that require temperature control and can ensure that your valuable temperature-sensitive loads are in optimal condition. Made of multi-layer metallized film composite material, it can reflect 97% of radiant heat.

Keeping food at the desired temperature for several hours-insulated mailer bag is the ideal solution to keep warm food for hot and cold food for several hours, whether it is seafood, fruits, drinks, milk, sandwiches, pizza, salads or other things. Insulated shipping bags are lightweight, moisture-proof, shock-proof and thermally insulated.

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