EPE foam aluminum faced foam insulation

- Oct 31, 2018-

 EPE foam aluminum faced foam insulation

ABOUT aluminium foam insulation

EPE foam insulation is environment friendly product which has good heat preservation and insulation properties. The outer layer of PET provides excellent abrading and tears resistance. The middle layer of EPE foam shows strong ability in barrier of moisture.


Reflective foam core insulation is economical solution for a wide range of industry,manufacturing,packaging, building application. Such as for commercial buildings,metal industrial sheds,home insulation,under wood or laminated flooring,roof insulation,carpet underlay and construction,packaging material to the sensitive products & sun shade,sand beach mat,heat preservation,and terrestrial heat.


Detail of aluminum backed foam insulation



EPE reflective foam insulation roll


Reflective alu+epe foam+alu







1.PE+EPE foam;

2.PE+EPE foam+PE

3.Metalized PET+PE+EPE foam

4.Metalized PET+PE+EPE foam+PE



Application of aluminum foam insulation

1. Crawl Space Insulation:installing in in the crawl spaces will keep home warmer in the winter and cooler in summer

2.Wall Insulation:keep home comfortable and energy efficient by installing the foil foam products.

3. Use as floor mat: soundproof, anti-skidding, moisture proof, thermal retardation.

4.Attic Insulation and Roof Insulation

5. Can be made into different colors and anti-static according to customers specific requirements to reach the standards of top grade decoration.











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