EPE / XPE foam insulation In the field of building insulation widely used

- Aug 01, 2017-

Insulation materials are many, different performance, the price is different, then how to choose? We recommend to you phenolic foam material,EPE / XPE foam insulation because we are the production of phenolic foam business? Yes, we are the production of phenolic foam business, but the overall performance of phenolic foam is indeed very good. But also because of the excellent performance of phenolic foam, so our company from 1998 has now been professional research and development, production and sales of phenolic foam, more than 20 years our company adhere to only phenolic foam products,EPE / XPE foam insulation from the initial bubble Body-cut phenolic board, hand-laminated aluminum foil, to the subsequent production line of aluminum foil composite pipe, and then to the steel-type phenolic board, from the field of phenolic composite duct, to the external wall insulation, pipe insulation and so on

1 class of PU PU higher prices, thermal conductivity is also low, generally used in the insulation requirements are very high, such as cold storage and so on. Used in external wall insulation, there is still a fire problem.

3 types of polystyrene foam price is low, easy construction,EPE / XPE foam insulation in the field of building insulation the most widely used. But the thermal conductivity is high, although the fire performance improved, the introduction of the real gold plate, but the fire problem is not really resolved.

4 types of rock wool, glass wool prices are lower, but the construction of unsanitary. Large density of rock wool in recent years, a large number of applications in the external walls, but the prospects remain to be seen. And high thermal conductivity,EPE / XPE foam insulation does not apply to the high insulation requirements of the place. Previously used in high temperature and equipment insulation.

2 class phenolic foam price than three types of polystyrene, four types of glass wool, rock wool are expensive, but lower than the price of a class of polyurethane PU. The thermal conductivity and a class of polyurethane PU equivalent, than three types of polystyrene, four types of glass wool,EPE / XPE foam insulation rock wool much lower. Fire resistance, the actual fire performance of phenolic foam is better than 1 polyurethane PU, and PUR, PIR, etc., also better than 3 polystyrene (EPS, XPS), in recent years launched the real gold plate fire performance improved Phenolic foam and some distance.

From the comprehensive performance, price point of view, in fact, phenolic foam is a very high cost of the product.