Europe insulated box liner zipper

Europe insulated box liner zipper

Aug 31, 2020

Europe insulated box liner zipper

Our proprietary box liner zipper is ideal for transporting temperature-sensitive products. This space-saving design can be transported and stored independently, and can be used immediately in a European standard cardboard box. They can be used with gel packs or dry ice to transport products that need to be stored for a long time at a specific temperature.
 Landy Zipper Insulated Box has excellent thermal performance compared to EPS solutions, they also have a soft inner foam, which can provide excellent filling effect for your products.
LANDY Insulated Box Liner can instantly turn any refrigerated box into custom-sized temperature-controlled packaging, which can quickly load temperature-sensitive commodities and refrigerant products, such as refrigerant gel packaging or dry ice.
insulated box liner zipper

LANDY Box Liner Application:
box liner foamPlease contact us to find out if this packaging solution is right for you.

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