Fresh Food Delivery Insulated Boxes Bag Small

Fresh Food Delivery Insulated Boxes Bag Small

Aug 26, 2020

Fresh Food Delivery Insulated Boxes Bag Small

The fresh food insulated box is composed of a small volume insulated transport box, which can be used as a fresh fruit and veg delivery box. Our food delivery boxes are manufactured with the highest degree of quality and integrity.
Insulated Boxes Bag provides the ultimate heat protection for transporting temperature-sensitive products (such as medicines, ice cream, cosmetics, chocolate, etc.). When the Insulated Boxes Bag is combined with a dry ice bag, this reflective film and special bubble lining packaging can provide thermal and physical protection during your product shipping. We provide any size, from small to large insulated bags, we can make them.

In addition to any custom size solutions you need, we also provide the following standard box liner bag sizes.

8 inches x 11 inches

11 inches x 15 inches

12 inches x 17 inches

15 inches x 17 inches

22 inches x 18 inches

insulated box bag

LANDY insulated shipping boxes concentrate ergonomics and thermal knowledge and have the following advantages:

1. Lightweight shipping boxes, easy to carry and carry to customers.

2. Rugged and insulated, using innovative recyclable materials.

3. Suitable for fruit and vegetable delivery at different shipping times.

4. Fresh food box can maintain a cool temperature of at least 7 hours.

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