How to cover attic openning

How to cover attic openning

Dec 15, 2019

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Attic entrances allow you to reach the attic easily and quickly, but one of their main disadvantages is that they are usually not insulated and sealed, which translates directly into higher house energy costs. An attic tent may help.

Landy attic insulation cover is composed of 97% high reflectivity aluminum foil material and heavy double zipper, which can effectively save energy . The standard size is 25 × 54 inches, which is suitable for most attic openings, and it is very convenient to install and set. Installation can be completed in seconds,and provides a safe and convenient zipper system for easy access to the attic.

If you are an intermediate buyer interested in our attic cover products, we are happy to offer you price discounts and customized services such as styles, packaging, instructions, etc. Our attic tent products have a large inventory and fast delivery capacity.

Overall, attic tent play a key role in providing the ultimate insulation for the loft and your living area. If you want reduce electricity for a month, with a small investment, we think that the attic cover is the product you need most.

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