how to make thermal insulated mailers

how to make thermal insulated mailers

Aug 18, 2020

LANDY is a factory specializing in the production of thermal mailers for 20 years. It uses 3 fully automated production machines and covers an area of 42,000 square meters.

Our thermal mailer envelope is manufactured with the highest quality and integrity. They are an excellent transport pouch for all kinds of meat, poultry, agricultural products, fresh herbs, frozen prepared foods, dairy products, pastries, delicious chocolates, dinners, sweets and laboratory testing applications. For any product, whether it is long-distance, intermediate transportation, or short-distance shipping, our large inventory in bulk enables us to deliver quickly.

thermal mailer making

We can provide you with free thermal bubble mailer samples and customized solutions. Thermal mailer printing and size can be customized. Our customers have given a very good evaluation of our thernal mailer.