How to wrap pallet

How to wrap pallet

Mar 03, 2020

How to wrap pallet?
1. Thermal Pallet Cover

The risk of damage to the shipment is a real concern for both the buyer and the seller. For example, it may be too cold or too hot, which can cause a lot of damage. To ensure that products are delivered to customers correctly, proper protection is absolutely required.

Landy thermal pallet covers maintain hot or cold product temperatures throughout your supply chain, helping you achieve tray temperature control. Insulated pallet cover is usually used for the transportation of fresh produce, frozen food, flowers, spices, candles, medicines and so on.
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2. Reusable Pallet Wrap
Reusable Pallet covers are a cost-effective solution to protect and stabilize all loaded trays. Reusable Pallet Wrap are made of ventilated heavy-duty PP mesh for 24/7 protection. Duty Pallet wrap are available in colors-blue, green, black, and gray. Pallet wraps are widely used in the transportation and transportation industry to keep items dry and secure.