Install attic tent

Install attic tent

Dec 20, 2020

Install attic tent

Installation of an attic tent is simple. Measure the inside width and length of the attic frame, then pick the attic tent closest in size.

Step1: Open the attic access and fit the attic tent into place.Ensure the sloped zipper part is in the direction of entry to enable easier access  when unzipped.
install attic tent1Step2: Once fixed properly in place,stable the attic tent to the wood frame of the attic entry every 4-6 inches all the way around leaving  little to no air leaks.
install attic tent2
Step3: Your attic access is now properly insulated restricting air flow in and out of the attic. Leave zipper completely closed  when not in use to ensure no air leaks.
install attic tent3

Please no hesited to cotact us if any questions installing an attic tent yourself. We’ll get you started!
Block up to 98% of radiant heat from your attic door, the Landy attic tent might be the ultimate solution to this summer.