Installing garage door insulation Diy ideas

- Aug 22, 2018-

Installing garage door insulation Diy ideas

Types of garage door insulation cover

When you wanna buy garage door insulation,there are many kinds of choices on the market. many insulation type can increase the energy efficiency of your garage door. Here are some types of garage doors.


1.Rigid garage door insulation

polystyrene garage door insulation is a kind of thin foam board with high insulating value for relatively. The surface can made with  vinyl or aluminum.

 polystyrene garage door insulation.jpg

2. Bubble/foam Door insulation Foil.

The reflective aluminium insulation have highly reflective can reflect 97% of heatmaking it a good insulation choice for garages that heat up in summer or hot climates.


3.Radiant barrier garage door insulation kits

This type of insulation reflects radiant heat, Which is lightweight so the installation very easy. You can still use the garage door and garage door remote control just like before.

 radiant barrier garage door insulation kits.jpg

How to Installing garage door insulation diy

Step 1: Prepare the Cleaning and Cutting Tools.

What tools you need to install are Cleaning tool like alcohol and cutting tools like Box cutters or scissors. You can used alcohol poured into a plastic spray bottle to clean the door surface. You also need to prepare some adhesive spray or double-sided foil tape.

Step 2: Installation of door insulation.

After cleaning the door surface and insulation material surface, then Unroll the insulation material and align. Spray some adhesive on the surface of both insulation and garage door. Cut slots for hinges as the insulation material is applied and cut off the excess on the sheet ends.

Step 3

Remember to Press along any insulation edges to ensure proper adhesion. Open the garage door to check proper alignment and panel separation.

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Application of garage door insulation blanket

sectional garage door insulation

steel garage door insulation

up and over garage door insulation

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