insulated foam cardboard box benefits

insulated foam cardboard box benefits

Nov 30, 2020

With the continuous improvement of living standards, people's dietary life is becoming more and more diversified. At present, in the food market, frozen food is generally favored, and consumption is increasing. In order to maintain the quality of frozen food in the storage, transportation, and sales process, related companies have increased their research and development efforts in recent years and have successively introduced a batch of packaging materials with thermal insulation functions.

insulated foam cardboard box

Traditional corrugated cardboard boxes are generally made of resin for waterproofing and moisture-proofing. Due to the time-consuming and time-consuming operation, they need to be cooled or heated to dry after painting, which easily pollutes the corrugated boxes and does not meet the hygiene requirements.

Landy insulated cardboard box is currently an effective means of keeping frozen and frozen foods insulate. Corrugated paper boxes with thermal insulation function are a compound aluminum-plated film on the inner and outer packaging of traditional boxes, or foaming is added to the carton. Make it have excellent heat insulation, prevent the temperature of vegetables and fruits from increasing during circulation, and achieve the purpose of heat preservation.