insulated foil bubble box liners manufacturers

insulated foil bubble box liners manufacturers

Aug 28, 2020

insulated foil bubble box liners manufacturers

Insulated foil box liners are rigorously tested in hot rooms and real-world scenarios to help them approach the actual transport environment and perform well throughout the entire transport process. Foil box liners help to maintain a comfortable ambient temperature inside the box, whether in an aircraft cabin or in a marine container, thereby preventing temperature drift.
LANDY Box Liner has excellent thermal performance and competitive cost advantage. With a self-sealing adhesive strip that can be automatically sealed, and the cost is lower than the traditional foamed polystyrene, it is very suitable for cold transportation and temperature-sensitive transportation. It is an ideal substitute to replace polystyrene foam.

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Direct comparison of EPS cooler an GreenLiner, performance test of aluminum foil box liners 2-24 ° C performance in -24 hours
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