insulated shipping box packaging

insulated shipping box packaging

Sep 08, 2020

insulated shipping box packaging
LANDY Insulated shipping box will keep your temperature sensitive products at the correct temperature for 36 hours. They are laboratory tested and certified. We can help you design custom packaging to ensure that your products will not cause heat damage when they arrive. We can also provide insulated packaging products with 48, 60 and 72 hours shipping.

The large shipping box can be used with gel packaging or dry ice to transport products that need to be kept at a preset temperature for a long time.

insulated shipping boxes

LANDY insulated shipping Very suitable for transportation:

Chocolate products

Cheese and other dairy products

Frozen food

Steak and ham




Live animals, such as tropical fish, etc.

LANDY is insulated shipping supplies. Our incubator can be made according to any size you need, no matter the size, hot or cold, LANDY PACKAGING products can be customized according to any size, shape or style.insulated shipping

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